Local Marketing Vault review

Local Marketing Vault is a premium coaching program that teaches people how to advertise the services of local businesses using paid ads.

Disclaimer: this is a real review by someone who has *studied and actually used* the training inside Local Marketing Vault.

If you want to read basic, vague marketing reviews on Local Marketing Vault, go somewhere else.

You’ll find most review sites just Google the company and copy and paste their ad copy and mission statement and then surround them with Pinterest-level business platitudes.

We don’t play that around here.

This review comes from real skin in the game.


I was introduced to Local Marketing Vault by one of its co-founders, James Bonadies, who I’ve known since circa 2014 from the internet money-getting game.

The skillsets taught in Local Marketing Vault teach funnel-building, paid ads, and the ability to scale your own marketing agency, making it one of the trendier, big-ticket coaching programs in recent years.

In their video vault, you’ll learn:

  • how to start a marketing agency (and scale accordingly)
  • how to get local clients (and how to provide value first)
  • how to do paid ads (Google, Facebook, Bing)
  • how to go after the right keywords
  • the exact ad copy to convert leads
  • the exact demographics to go after
  • the exact contracts to use with local clients
  • sleeper local business niches to go after

At the macro, you’re learning how to provide VALUE to local businesses by using paid ads to connect them to their customers.

(and they obviously pay you HEAVY to make this happen)

The people who have mastered this skillset are doing very well these days. I personally know a half dozen friends doing over six figures by building out simple marketing agencies.

How does this really work?

Here’s an example:

Maybe you want to provide leads to a personal injury lawyer in Austin, Texas.

Those are baller leads, by the way.

So, using Local Marketing Vault’s coaching training, you understand what keywords to go after using pay-per-click services like Google, Facebook and Bing.

Next, you bid on keywords like “best personal injury lawyer austin tx” and start forwarding them to a real personal injury lawyer.

(who is a BIG DADDY but is not currently on the first page of Google. You see billboards of him everywhere, but his online presence SUCKS)

Then, you use the training to find the exact audience to go after. You see, with paid ads, you need to know what kind of person to target. You need the propel community to crowdsource the intel to get this part right. Otherwise, it would take you years to gather all that data.

But since you have the training, you know what demographic to go after, the ad copy in the ad, and the amount of $ to set on the ad each day.

Now, every day you’re sending several leads to a lawyer (who is bonkers happy and greedy now) and you’re getting paid by the lawyer based off the leads you’re sending him, easily netting you over a hundred dollars a day.

Are you starting to visualize the picture?

And then, you rinse and repeat, going after all the vast niches in different cities all over the USA. Or the world, depending where you are.

Does it really work?

Short answer: yes.

They’re one of the tightest marketing communities on the internet, even though their training isn’t cheap.

You see, their training isn’t a cheap $199 ebook that gets whored out to all the marketing forums.

Real coaching. Real community.

Suspect this gets overlooked by most but, folks, this is where the magic happens.

If you buy into “a thriving community” the resources at your disposal increase 100x.

And the methods they teach?

Build a marketing agency? Learning PPC? Learning ad copy? Learning Facebook ads? Learning how to build funnels?

Folks, these are some of the highest in-demand skillsets of the digital era.

There’s a reason why learning paid ads ranks top-3 on my online business and small business rankings.

Business Model

The business model (explained in detail later in this section) is very attractive because of two obvious reasons:

1) Scalable

Think of all the cities in the USA alone. Now think of all the small businesses in your city. Even though this model is a trendy way to make money, there’s so much room to scale the business that it becomes nearly infinite.

You always want to put yourself in a position to eventually scale.

The local marketing business model does that.

2) Automated

Some of you probably read The Millionaire Fastlane.

Remember another rule there? You gotta have a business that can be automated.

I mean, think about why you want to be filthy rich (or just 10k/mo more rich) in the first place?

If you’re like most, its the time that it will free up.

Time is the most precious currency on this earth. And a business that can be automated (delegated, outsourced, etc) is a business of automation.

Each process in the business model taught by Local Marketing Vault can be automated.

Let that sink in.

Folks, don’t overlook this.

Too many people get involved in a business to find out thats not what they really wanted.

I see this all the time.

“Good news is, you came along way. Bad news is, man, you went the wrong way”.


Always put yourself in a business that can be scaled and automated.

Now, the below graph explains the Local Marketing Vault business model:

They keep it simple.

They also point out that even though they’re 5 mandatory steps, its not mandatory that you do all the steps yourself. Often times its better to outsource parts of your business so you can dial in on what you do best.

For example, for the local websites I build, I don’t write the content for them. I find and train writers and they do it for me. My time and energy is better spent doing other things.

Either way, here are the 5 steps of their agency-building process:

Step 1: Find Client

This is where you need the real players to come in and drop intel.

In the LMV training they have several ways of getting the job done.

Exact places to find your clients.

This includes secret Facebook ads methods (which include the exact Facebook ad copy and Messenger scripts)…

…to Craigslist and Upwork methods.

To real in-meeting networking methods.

Plus the exact copy to reach out to them (and the exact scripts to close them).

Some real cool tools like a “client qualification interview” worksheet, too. Stuff I hadn’t seen in any other training.

And more importantly, all the tools and resources in this area are centered around one linear focus:

Escalate a phone call or an in-person meeting.

Step 2: Sell Services to Client

I like their approach here.

In LMV they teach multiple avenues to serving your clients.

This includes the pay-per-lead model, where you can a percentage of each lead.

This includes the pay-per-sale model, where you get paid a percentage of each sale the company makes with your lead.

This includes the monthly retainer model, where you get paid a certain amount each month for your services.

And finally, they explore other agency monetization options like providing reputation management services (this gets slept on a lot) to companies.

Reputation management is the art of keeping your brand name right on the SERPS and around social media.

Lotta companies want to get those lawsuits and not-so-nice reviews on them onto the 2nd or 3rd page of Google…there’s a skillset to getting other web properties outranking the blemishes.

This is reputation management.

Finally, LMV has contracts that students can use to make sure their deals aren’t whack, too.

Step 3: Provide Services to Client

This is the meat and potatoes of the training.

Where you learn how to build funnels (using ClickFunnels) specializing in different local niches.

Initially, they’ll teach you how to master one of the easier niches (like towing services) so that you can get the hang of it and actually see the leads come in.

Then it starts to get interesting.

You’ll start dialing in on other niches.

Niches that are more affluent and targeted.

So, they have different angles and templates for niches like:

  • divorce attorneys
  • financial planners
  • realtors
  • plastic surgeons

and 50+ others.

You’ll learn how to do the follow-up emails using an autoresponder.

You’ll learn how to build the funnels.

You’ll learn how to write the ad copy for your PPC ads.

You’ll learn how to retarget your Facebook ads (the power of retargeting is insane, really).

You’ll learn how to find the right demographics for each type of niche.

Real intel stuff that gets shared in private masterminds and such.

All in one place.

By mastering paid ads using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you’ll be able to utilize that skillset to print big-daddy levels of cash for years to come.

Step 4: Offer More Services to Clients

Once you’ve developed a relationship with a client, the door opens to new possibilities.

This could be an opportunity to do SEO for them as well.

Or reputation management.

Or getting them more (and better) reviews for their business.

Remember, you’re the owner of the agency. You dictate the energy.

Once the machine has been built and your team and resources are in order, you can replicate the process as many times as you can.

Thats the beauty of owning an “agency”.

You’re really franchising a process over and over again.

Always look to provide more value for your clients (upsell) when possible.

Step 5: Get More Clients

Once you get a few clients and have the DATA of you delivering them “wins”, its game over at that point.

(you should be smelling blood at this point)

This is when you go balls-to-the-wall using that momentum and evidence to bring in other clients.

Local Marketing Vault has training on how to find them using paid ads (and the exact campaigns to run + ad copy) as well as hitting up local networking events.

Time to scale up and make your style even harder to follow. Eliminate the competition. Take your agency from 3k/mo to 30k/mo. Or 30k/mo to 100k/mo.

You get the picture.


Now, some commentary on Local Marketing Vault’s community.

(Disclaimer: I am a member of their secret, invite-only Facebook group)

Local Marketing Vault, like many online coaching programs, offer insane amounts of value with their communities.

A community where over 3,000 people have gone through the same system is super underrated.

Thats what Local Marketing Vault has.

Their underground Facebook group has dozens of people chiming in per day, offering value or asking for advice.

Its a beautiful thing.

If you have a question or doubt, likely that same pain-point has been addressed elsewhere in the group. If not, you’re free to ask any questions.

Your question will essentially be crowdsourced into the Local Marketing Vault “knowledge base” and then everyone in the community benefits.

After having this kind of support, you’ll never want to join another program that does not have this kind of energy.

Their aim is to be the smartest marketing community on the internet.

I think, on a higher level, its one of the better communities that *qualifies you to succeed*.

Live Events

To promote partnerships and to have some fun, the Local Marketing Vault will occasionally put on live events.

At these events you’ll have speakers (like Wolf of Wall Street’s Jordan Belfort) and training sessions that teach you the how-to’s of paid ads.

Their next event is in New Orleans on March 23-24 2019.


I’ve been in several paid communities in my day.


People who’ve followed me for awhile now know that I believe finding new mentors is one of the most effective ways to making “power moves” in your life.

Its a great feeling, even if it it feels a bit *odd* at first.

(Remember, you should be constantly challenging your brain to feel “odd” if that means you’re just adjusting yourself to newer experiences)

The tension.

The anticipation of joining a new community.

The feeling of expanding your skillsets and making yourself more marketable.

As far as training programs, I put Local Marketing Vault in my top 2 of all time.

They’re that good when it comes to learning how to start a marketing agency.

They’re that good when it comes to learning paid ads.

They’re that good when it comes to learning how to build funnels.

They’re that good when it comes to having access to a real community.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • Tevin

    Hi Jeremy,
    I liked the article, could you email me some tips and things to consider before joining.

    • Jeremy Page

      Thats what the call is for homie!

  • Jerry Pritchard

    I am new to the vault but I am going to take your word for it and go ahead

    • Jeremy Page

      Awesome Jerry, we’re happy to have ya

  • Melody

    I enjoyed reading your article. I just contacted my interviewer from from Monday, 13th of May to sign up!
    Thanks for being detailed.

    • Jeremy Page

      Epic Melody! Happy to have you

  • Jean Pierre Nsemi

    Having read your article and it looks a huge program to master so what is the scale needed to complete such training before you can think of earning your first buck?

    • Jeremy Page

      Paid traffic makes it possible within days.

      Not easy, but possible.

  • Thom Peterson

    I am in love with this program – hands down.
    I’m looking for someone who has purchased the program and for whatever reason is not implementing it.
    I’m willing to trade my labor for access to the program. In short, I would do all the work and come to an arrangement to split the profits.
    My plan is to make enough to pay the ‘owner’ of the membership what the cost was that they paid for the program and make enough to buy the program for myself.
    My issue is cash. I am unable to borrow money to pay for the course due to a mountain of student debt. I have a Master’s degree in Internet Marketing, so I know the ropes about the tools, but I’m missing the fine-tuning that James and Jason teach.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed?

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice, I know this page continues to refer lots of people to Local Marketing Vault.

      (and haven’t been paid a dime, but I know they’re legit)

      As far as your cash issue, when it becomes truly important to you, you’ll make it happen.

  • Marquita Govan

    What is the difference between Local Marketing Vault and Multiple Streams? This is a new arena of knowledge for me. Thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      Multiplestreams.org is not affiliated with Local Marketing Vault.

      We have been promoting them for close to 2 years (rank top spot on Google, etc) and have never been paid once.

  • Shubham Kumar

    I know this page continues to refer lots of people to Local Marketing Vault

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