2024 Webinar: 5860+ Students Still Winning

Folks, our students continue to win despite the pandemic.

And hundreds of case studies of people quitting their jobs using our program.

This makes MLM look kinda bad:

Virtually every person who follows the training is seeing success. Here’s some news from the private group:


“I’m not done with my site and it’s already getting leads,” says about every student who follows through.

Layups, people.

Or this?


Another local lead generation partnership gone right.  Gee, I’m shocked.

Oh.  Then there’s Ryan.  Who now ranks on page one in a “tough” local market:


But even the “toughest” of local markets will look like amateur hour compared to affiliate marketing and MLM, where you’re duking it out with the entire planet.  Feel me?

Funny thing is, our testimonials have testimonials.

In the thread below Ryan’s post, Callum announced this:



Here.  We.  Go.  Again.

Henry is gaining ground in a tough market:


Like he said, we encourage you to start in smaller cities and suburbs just to get some fast wins under your belt.  Big cities are still very doable, but take a little longer to dominate.

I scrolled a little farther down the page and saw this (also from Henry):


And Emeka — who just got accepted into medical school — has this on the horizon:


And Kevin’s ranking and banking:


Oh, and a $100 limo lead given to…who? Oh, me:


Yeah, I know… how crazy is that?

“You mean to tell me that you actually still do what you teach inside of the coaching?” asks the skeptic.

Yep. No paradox of practice in these parts.

We live what we preach, and that’s how our success rate is so high — because we’re in the trenches with you.  Every day, taking grenades.

Seen enough?

And…more testimonials… (why not?)

Getting checks:


And boom:


And this:


And this, too:


And, ahem:


Boom shaka-laka boom:


You think we’re onto something?

You can apply for membership, only if you’re 100% committed to the call:

DO NOT apply if you’re the “no-show” type.

Otherwise, we’re delighted to have you in the group.

Getcha game up.