Jeremy Page here. Been a minute. “Multiplestreams.org” was an OG in the money-making blogging era. Those that know, know.

Fast forward to 2021, what’s next? Man, everything.

Saturday, March 27 3:31 AM

Just off-the-cuff here…if you have money, there’s never been a better time to multiply wealth. You can create content empires with a lean squad of A-list writers and link runners (still my biggest cash-flow business after 7 years). You can create leads for local businesses at scale using simple websites and Youtube videos. You can build a supplement brand after a few emails with a formulator and few weeks later have the Shopify store taking orders in hours. Code makes it effortless to launch ideas in days.

Defi is crazy (decentralized exchanges, yield farming), where you can stake your money and commonly see 15-20% APY. Wild. Remember 5M at 5% APY kicks off $250,000 per year in interest alone. If it hasn’t yet clicked, “funny money” is USD. As a rule, you want to utilize debt in USD (depreciating asset) and use it to build internet businesses and invest in cryptocurrencies and real estate.

Twitter is where I get most my information these days. Start off by following dudes like @elonmusk, @naval, and @balajis, then see who they follow. And then those new people, who do they follow? Soon you’ll have the top scientists on your radar. You’ll understand who moves the culture, what the trends are months before they hit mainstream, etc.  I’d pay $5k/mo to keep my Twitter account and the intentional advisory panel I’ve built over the years. Whatever muse I’m obsessed with at the time — natural language generation, data visualization tools, topical trends, alt coins to ape in, etc – Twitter effortlessly finds me the top players. Sometimes having convos with players in a few days. Usually all you have to do to talk to industry leaders is show evidence that you used their advice in some capacity (try it, super underrated).

Go all in on creativity. We’re seeing the rise of the creator economy and the fall of institutions and credentials. It’s a great time to switch it up. Become a sovereign writer. Start a DTC luxury brand. Start a YT. Build a decentralized protocol. Learn Python. Drop a newsletter.