How to start a blog in 2023

Jeremy’s 2023 blogging summary:

Blogging fell off after 2015 when Google started to recommend content from large organizations (magazines in coastal cities, institutions, etc) over individual content. Also, if your message didn’t align with Google’s values, your website was no longer recommended in search results.

Bloggers have since migrated over to platforms like Substack, where newsletter features behind a payroll make more financial sense than trying to get organic traffic from Google search.

If you’re still set on building a blog in 2023, WordPress is solid.

-Jeremy Page

About the Author:

Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams to help struggling bloggers get bigger followings and fatter bank accounts.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • Avitus

    Hi Jeremy, Thanks for this post.If there’s been anyone struggling with finding a blog idea, then it has been me. I have for so long wished to have a blog but i have been stuck on what i should blog about. I liked the stumble upon technic,i think ill do just that.Thanx so much once again for helping out with this yet again great post.

    • Jeremy Page

      Absolutely, glad you got some value from it

  • Matt Mortensen

    Grandma can literally start a blog now. It’s that easy! Lol. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Jeremy Page

      Absolutely, glad I could help.

  • AJ

    Why is one of your eyes cut out? Illuminati

  • Rick

    Where did you go???

  • MarkF

    Great tutorial Jeremy. Is bluehost pretty reliable? I’ve heard that Hostgator is another good option for hosting. Not sure about their prices though. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    • Jeremy Page

      Both are solid. But prefer BH.

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